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The secret of preparations in the FYTO GERMINE line is fyto-stimuline, which strengthens the protective functions of the skin. It is made from plant extracts obtained from the first shoots of grass seeds grown in the dark (a method pioneered by the ophthalmologist Filatov) i.e. the least favourable conditions for growth. The seedlings are forced to concentrate all their vital energy in their shoots, and it is at this stage that the plant stimulines* are extracted. These stimulines* carry a strong energy charge which has such a beneficial normalising action on the skin.


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FYTO ENERGY is a range of functional cosmetics which act on the skin and the body as a whole. The remarkable therapeutic, restorative and regenerative properties of the fyto-therapeutic products in this range mean that there is no need to use synthetic chemical additives which are often toxic and allergenic. The products in the FYTO ENERGY range have 10 different formulae based on 16 pure ether oils from different plants.


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ENERGYA is a new line of fyto-aromatic cosmetics. The products in this range contain no chemicals or synthetic additives. The range is based on plant extracts combined with micro-elements derived from algae. The fyto-aromatic products in the ENERGYA range act on the deepest skin layers, normalise its condition and strengthen and stimulate the natural skin functions.

The range of products includes 10 formulas of essential oils of different concentrations:

  • For extracts – 20% concentrate
  • For body massage cream – 8% concentrate
  • For face creams – 4% concentrate