AROMATHERAPY have the same effect on the body as the plants they are extracted from, but in a much more concentrated form. The Company uses different combinations of oils, with a view to achieving the perfect combination, with the highest benefit to the user. It is a curious fact that the effectiveness of aromatic oils increases when they are combined, as they interact with each other and catalyse each other’s effects. We use this discovery to cure various disorders of the skin.

A detailed investigation into the underlying formulas of pure ether oils demonstrates the unique possibility of personalised influence for a balanced working of all the body’s organs. And the influence on skin is the result of the ability of the ether oils to affect the layers under the skin exterior, starting with sources of infection and concentrating on the individual organs. A careful pre-examination of the patient allows us to select the most appropriate and effective formula out of ten recommended ones and four types of cataplasm.

OLIGOTHERAPHY is a treatment technique that uses microelements, and is an important part of exterior phytotherapy.

Microelements (from Greek oligos – small) are minerals, necessary to support the body metabolism. Minerals are used as catalysts and inhibitors for the chemical reactions inside the body, speeding them up or slowing them down as necessary. Every microelement is responsible for a particular reaction, and serves a link in the overall chain of transformations. Without one of such links, the chain breaks, the metabolism worsens, and illnesses result.

Oligotherapy includes five complexes of minerals combined with vegetative extracts, with added natural moisturising factors. The oligo-therapy, or the treatment with the oligoelements is the second important point in the transcutaneous therapy. Extracted by micro-exploded seaweeds, this trace -elements act as catalyst in the mostimportant, bio-chemical reactions, in order to allow an harmonic development of our vital forces.

BALNEOTHERAPHY – taking a bath at a particular temperature, and with specific dissolved elements, can be considered a complete theurapeutic procedure. Balneotherapy influences and heals the body via its own capillar system, which consumes the nutrients and expels the waste products. Balneotherapy normalises metabolic processes at cellular level, increases skin immunity, stimulates blood microvessels in the skin, strengthenes natural drainage, actively moisturises the skin, helps to expel waste and toxins from the body.

Balneotherapy treatments include a series of high quality water-soluble oils BODY PLEASURES, which combine in one product two bases of phytoaromatherapy – balneotherapy and body self-massage

LYMPHO-DRAINAGE helps to expel the stagnant liquids produced by the decomposition of fats in the body. During the process weight is lost, figure defects are corrected, hypostases are removed, and skin elasticity is restored. Most importantly, the apparent volumes inside the body are drastically reduced.

The phyto-beauty culture mainly worries about the cutaneos hygiene keeping a clean skin with the help of the ortho-dermic that does not damage the hydro and lipidic surface.

FYTO ENERGY line has produced some creams ( physiologic cream) and acid lotion (normacide lotion) with ph factor 3 to bring and to keep the ph acid cutaneous ( ph 5,7 ) to its natural physiologique state. This condition automatically makes elastic and smooth the skin, protecting it from the bacterial selections which prefer the alcaline or neutral ambient good for their growth.

PERSONALIZATION – the method of the personalized care from ENERGY is based on diagnostics and the analysis of type and condition of a skin in view of morphological features of a human structure and of organism condition at present. Using the personalized care, ENERGY considers various possible reactions and a susceptibility of skin cells to active working substances of this or that cosmetic agent. The method of the personalized care from ENERGY includes selection of cosmetic agents and their use in an optimum variant for achievement of high efficiency of the medical-regenerative program which have been individually picked up for the concrete person.